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Why I Do What I Do — My Inaugural Parent Pages Post

As I write this post, I am excited because I get to share some tips and favorite things with you. This also marks the launch of my new website. This first post is to share about the why and how of my consulting services. Here’s to a fun new adventure and resource! 

Let’s get started with this new adventure! I thought it would be nice to share a little about what leads me to guide parents and caregivers the way I do.

A long time ago, in a far-off land called Minnesota, my mother would ask me, “Are you doing your best?” If I replied that I was, she would reply, “Well then, that’s the best you can do.” Those words stuck with me and because of this, I apply this sort of thinking to the work I do with parents. I know that parents are doing the best they can. I remind them of that when I work with them and when they feel challenged in the realm of parenting. 

Even with all of us doing our best, sometimes we need some support and education. That is why I help families with sleep and behavior challenges. It allows me to share my knowledge and decades of experience. This helps lighten the pressure and anxiety of being a parent at any stage of the parenting journey. Every little one brings us something new to learn. Plus, blending in a new family member is a new experience for everyone.

I am passionate about my services because I care so much about helping families achieve healthful sleep and to achieve what is known in child development as goodness of fit. I strive to help families fit together in a manner that supports each individual in the best way possible while helping the family as a whole. It is a true joy to help families shift from tired and struggling to well rested and contented.

As Little Stress and Crying as Possible

My services are an alternative to cookie cutter approaches to sleep and parenting challenges. Many services and books are all about “cry it out” or some modified version of cry it out. However, many parents do not want to engage in cry it out. That is one reason I offer my specialized approach. I advise parents with the goal of avoiding stressing parents and little ones. Each family is unique and each family needs to get help that fits their parenting style and parenting philosophy. I strive to be the person that helps facilitate that.

Additionally, I want families to experience as little stress and crying as possible. I find it of value and important from a psychological, physiological, and child development aspect to reduce (and often eliminate) crying when making big changes. It is my experience that the least amount of stress and the least amount of self-criticism we place on ourselves is the healthiest way to live.

Gentle, Respectful, and Mindful

These are some of the reasons I offer sleep and behavior consulting services and have done so for over 25 years. Helping little ones and their parents make changes in a gentle manner in order to reach the desired outcome is a major focus of my services. Doing so in a gentle, respectful, and mindful way are core values of mine. Each and every post I place on my blog will include these values and more. I am looking forward to sharing, educating and being a resource for you.

Thank you for reading my inaugural post and if you want to share something with the parents and caregivers reading the Parent Pages (guest blogger perhaps), feel free to share it with me and if it is a good fit for my readers I will share it.

Note: What I share in my blog, as well as on my website, is never to be considered as a substitute for what your pediatrician or your other health care providers may recommend for you. I also want to make sure you know I value your instincts as parents, so please feel free to share your feedback with me.

It is with great joy that I say Parent Pages is open! I invite you to join me on the path to happy reading and ultimately happy parenting!

In joy and gratitude,


P.S. I would be honored if you would share Parent Pages posts with your friends, families, pediatricians, and other care providers.

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