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Baby and Child Sleep Consulting

Getting good sleep is crucial, and everyone can get it with our sleep consulting services. It is perfect for families who desire to make gentle and gradual changes to their sleep situation. While focused on the baby or child, the service will ultimately benefit the whole family. This service is ideal for children from birth to age 6 and can even begin prior to birth to get parents off to a good start. Note: A baby will not be expected to sleep beyond what is appropriate for their age, unless they want to, and a pediatrician approves longer sleep. Give your little one and yourself the gift of sleep.

New Parent Support

New parents often feel overwhelmed with the arrival of a baby. Teresa4changes offers the hands-on support a new parent needs. This often helps unite the parents by teaching the same techniques and information to both. With this service parents get hands-on help and education because Teresa comes to the home and teaches the basics of how to care for a baby, from feeding, sleep and general care practices, to how to bathe baby. Whether for one’s own use or given as a gift, this service will help a new parent enjoy baby even more and and promote a secure attachment bond.

Developmental and Behavior Support

Making behavior changes and gaining cooperation via a creative, respectful and peaceful route is what this service is all about. This is a highly personalized service and is the ideal service for anyone who wants support and education regarding how best to achieve optimal development for children up to age 6. Parents utilize this service for help with parenting creatively, challenging behaviors, milestones, and other developmental concerns.

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650-303-8728 | teresa@teresa4changes.com