Teresa Morris - Sleep Consultant


“Teresa was a huge help to our family. I honestly don't know what we would have done without her! I asked her to help me when my daughter was 3 mo old and I had to go back to work. She helped us establish good sleep patterns from the beginning and now my daughter is 2 yrs old and we feel extremely fortunate that she goes to sleep easily and stays asleep allowing us to have precious time together as a couple. It's a game changer! But besides the huge impact of feeling stress-free about sleep, Teresa is an amazing person that I felt so comfortable with and grateful to have in my life. She was like a mom to me in those early months when I didn't know what I was doing with regard to sleep. She does not want to make you do something you are uncomfortable with and has really gentle and common sense ideas that were not intuitive to me. I could not have had a better experience working with her and will forever be grateful for her heartfelt care and guidance with such an important part of early child rearing."

Jennifer Anderson


“Teresa gave us our life back and the ability to finally enjoy being a family of three. She gave us the gift of our son finally being rested. He is like a different child now, so much happier, calmer and content. You cannot put a price on this sort of change!!”

Lauren Weems


“Thank you for teaching us how to help our son become a great sleeper. I was finally able to take the good advice you gave months ago...it makes all the difference. He slept 15 hours and 20 minutes yesterday.”

Rebecca Rapaport Ness L.Ac.


“I cannot express just how grateful we are to have benefited from Teresa’s amazing knowledge and support.  When we contacted Teresa, our 11 month-old daughter was waking up more times in the middle of the night than I could count. Through her work with us, Teresa taught us about sleep, nutrition, ways to address different behavior… and more.  She gave us multiple options for every situation and made sure we were comfortable with everything she recommended. Teresa listened and made the truly frustrating moments seem so much less overwhelming and isolating.  Without rushing any changes, she helped us to do things in a way that would be least disruptive for our daughter (and so much less stressful/ upsetting for us!). Thanks to Teresa, our daughter is now sleeping through the night!  Teresa is artful at what she does and we feel incredibly lucky to have worked with her.”

Sasha Z and Dusty C, Petaluma, CA


“Teresa's coaching was a game changer for us and our eight-week old, and surprisingly, for our five-year old.  Her continued counsel got us through all of the changes in an infant's sleep patterns in that first year.

Most amazingly, she helped us turn around our eldest who had been a terrible sleeper from birth.

Teresa explained things clearly, she had our trust even though we had massive anxieties, and her continued support gave us the coaching we needed to make adjustments and refinements until night times turned from stressful to delightful.  My husband and I have the house to ourselves now after 8pm and we love peeking in on our peacefully sleeping darlings!

I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.  She's a wealth of experience and wisdom!”

Lily, Rob, Cami and Cassie B., San Jose, CA


“We turned to Teresa for help with my son and his sleep patterns when he was six months. Thank goodness we did. Initially I thought the goal would be to help us get our little guy to sleep through the night. We did reach that end goal. But we accomplished so much more along the way...how to time naps, how to rely on or wean from the pacifier, how to manage feedings (of solids and milk). Our son found a very rhythmic and easy sleep schedule that involved little to no crying. If there were bumps and I couldn't understand what was going on or why behaviors were changing, Teresa always had a useful insight. My husband and I truly enjoyed working with Teresa.  I couldn't imagine not having such an informed resource as I was ‘learning on the job’ as a first time mom.”

Lily Y., Santa Monica, CA


“What a relief that we could turn to Teresa for help with getting our six month old to sleep longer and better. I was traveling so much that I was concerned about my wife having to manage on her own. Teresa's guidance helped us find a smooth routine for our son. I am grateful.”

Salim I., Los Gatos, CA


“Our family has worked with Teresa for almost five years, and she has helped us with all four of our children (yes, four!). When we met Teresa, we had a 20-month old who was waking up on average 10 times a night. The situation was out of control, and we didn’t think we would ever get him sleeping through the night. Teresa was patient, professional, knowledgeable and totally understanding about our dilemma (and the mess we had gotten ourselves into), but she was also assertive and firm, which is what we needed. My husband and I didn’t have the same views about how best to sleep train, and it had become a point of contention between us.  Teresa played mediator and coach, and handled our disagreements with grace and humor. The most commonly uttered phrase in our house for a long time was, “Let’s see what Teresa says.”  We have learned so much from Teresa over the years and continue to rely on her for her wise counsel, most recently on how to get rid of our middle son’s binky, and sleep training for our twin baby girls.  We think the world of her and couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Lin-Hua W. and Michael F., San Francisco


“Thank you so much for all your help!  You really are a wonderful instructor.  Going to your class was so much better than all the books I have read on sleep!”

Happy Mom, San Francisco