Let’s Spend the Day Together

This service is for anyone who wants hands-on support and education. The type of hands-on service will be customized depending on the age of the baby or child. Teresa will come to your home and spend the day coaching and providing concrete feedback regarding how to care for your new baby or how to implement changes with your older baby. Families may choose between a weekly visit for a contracted amount of time or a one-time visit.

Baby and Child Sleep Consulting

Sleep consulting services are provided to families who desire to make gentle and gradual changes in the sleep situation in their home. Sleep consulting is focused on the baby or child but will ultimately benefit all who reside in the home. The services can also be focused on maintaining the good sleep that is already in place. All sleep consulting services include a home visit and a follow up plan. Good sleep makes for happy families!

New Parent Support Services

New parents often feel overwhelmed with the arrival of a new baby. Simply having someone experienced with newborns upon whom you can rely and trust provides a path to relaxation. After an initial meeting with the parent(s) and baby, the on-going line of communication is open. Fees are determined on a monthly or on an as-needed basis. Feel free to contact us for more information and to get a good nights sleep.

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